How to use this website

Welcome to the NDIS in Practice website, where disability service providers can access resources about operating in the NDIS in Victoria.

This website is home to a diverse range of resources that are specific to disability service providers. It features webinars, short videos, downloadable resources and real examples (case studies) of good practice and tips.

There is information available on this website for a range of roles, including managers looking to learn more about financial sustainability, team leaders looking to get the most out of their team or support workers interested in hearing from disability experts on the NDS podcast series.

There are several search and navigability functions available to ensure users can easily navigate their way through the website:

Main navigation

The top bar menu offers users the ability to navigate through the three main sections of the website: Browse Resources, About the NDIS Transition, and Useful Information.

The Browse Resources section is where you can find all available resources, divided by four sub-menus: categories, resources to watch, resources to listen to, and resources for your specific job role.

The About the NDIS Transition section contains information about the NDIS in Victoria, such as how the transition occurred in Victoria, the Sector Development Project outcomes and links to the Market Dynamics report.

The Useful information section, apart from the information on this page, includes information about the benefits of the NDS membership and use of the NDS Helpdesk.

Quick search

The quick search feature allows users to filter content by category, job role and content. This feature enables users to search for specific resources based on their particular occupation and needs, or the type of content they would like to assess, such as webinars, short videos, downloadable resources or podcast.

The quick search function appears on the homepage.

Search by category

The category search feature allows users to filter content by six categories including Governance, Finance, NDIS Operations, People and Capability, Strategy and Leader, and Customer and Market Focus.

The category search function appears on the homepage and the main navigation menu.

Search by keyword

The keyword search allows users to filter content by searching for specific keywords.

This search function appears on the homepage.

We hope you find this website valuable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

Last updated 27 June 2019 - 5:18pm